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    The 38 Studios Developer Index

    Welcome to the 38 Studios Developer Index! This forum has been created and will be maintained in hopes that it will aid the community by creating a general reference for topics covered by the Reckoning and Copernicus development teams during their time interacting on various forums. While it's size is pretty daunting, each individual section should give you a pretty good idea of what information is contained within. This index is not all inclusive. I have chosen to leave out posts that do not specifically relate to 38 Studios, Copernicus, or Reckoning.

    Each individual topic is linked below, and the main Index may be reached again by selecting the topic heading in any of the individual posts. Clicking a topic heading in this post will take you directly to that section. You may also search the entire index using the search function at the top of the page, and choosing the 38 Studios Developer Index sub forum.

    Posts should appear in chronological order. The comments from Curt and the developers have a lot of information in them, and I've tried to give them extra context where possible. If you have any reservations about the comments at all, I encourage you to check out the thread at the original site to view the full post.

    For suggestions, corrections, or to report a mistake or post that I've missed, leave us a comment in this thread.

    1. Game World Design, Size, and Length

    2. Controls and Combat Mechanics

    3. Character Customization, Armor, Weapons, and Loot

    4. Leveling, Skills, and Destinies

    5. Quests

    6. Dungeons and Zones

    7. Factions and Morality

    8. Music, Sound, and Voice Over

    9. Money and In Game Economy

    10. Action vs. RPG Play Styles

    11. Lore - General

    12. Lore - Races

    13. Differences in PC/Console Versions, Modding Community, and Game Engine

    14. Downloadable Content, Expansions, and the Online Pass

    15. Collector's Editions and Pre-Order Bonuses

    16. Strategy Guide

    17. Copernicus, MMORPG Philosophy

    18. Working at 38 Studios and Big Huge Games

    19. Piracy, SOPA

    20. Reckoning Demo

    21. Camera System

    22. Curt Being Curt
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    Updated through the morning of 1/14/12.
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    Updated through the evening of 2/4/12 - including 3 new sections.



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