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    Quote Originally Posted by FalkonSwiftblade View Post
    we're free to post these everywhere right?
    Spread the fire, for the sake of Amalur.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurik Lein View Post
    Definitely get a DreamWorks or Pixar feeling from these images and not in a bad way.
    Yeah, it's got a really cool animated film vibe going on. I can't wait to see my Dokkalfar <3
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    I'm gonna try and make a youtube video with that music from the trailer and the new screens

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    Nice Hannar, should get a lot of buzz at the GAF.
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    Fan-freaking-tastic. Thank you!

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    Thanks for the pics.

    So this is the art style we heard about years ago. The concept art pieces from long ago are closer to reality that I thought they would be. Much more stylized than Reckoning, which you can get a little feel for in the fly through video, but these pictures really show how this game looks more than the video.

    The details are very nice. I want to play Jottun. How many fingers do they have - 3? Nice pointy club - looks like everything fits the different races nicely.

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    Wow I'm just in LOVE with that art style this is much appreciated! I'll do my best to try to buzz up some word at Gamespot!

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    I passed it on to a contact of mine at Joystiq. Lets see what happens

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